"How slow life is, how violent hope is."

- Guillaume Apollinaire (via ontheedgeofdarkness)

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"The animals are much more content with mere existence than we are; the plants are wholly so; and man is so according to how dull and insensitive he is. The animal’s life consequently contains less suffering but also less pleasure than the human’s, the direct reason being that on the one hand it is free from care and anxiety and the torments that attend them, but on the other is without hope and therefore has no share in that anticipation of a happy future which, together with the enchanting products of the imagination which accompany it, is the source of most of our greatest joys and pleasures. The animal lacks both anxiety and hope because its consciousness is restricted to what is clearly evident and thus to the present moment: the animal is the present incarnate. But precisely because this is so it appears in one respect to be truly sagacious compared with us, namely in its peaceful, untroubled enjoyment of the present: its obvious composure often puts to shame our frequently restless and discontented condition."

- Arthur Schopenhauer (On the Suffering of the World)

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Planning For Burial - Golden

Laying on your bed 
In your parents house 
Listening to your favorite 
Records on repeat 
Thinking about the girls 
Who want nothing to do with you 

Well the golden years 
Never happened to you 
Or anyone you thought you knew 
They all grew up to be 
miserable adults 
just waiting 
for the day 
they get 
to die

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From El Topo (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1970)

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Rinko Kawauchi 川内 倫子 (b. 1972, Shiga, Japan) - Untitled from the series and book of the same name Ametsuchi (Heaven and Earth), 2013. Includes pictures of Yakihata, The Ritual Burning Of The Fields In Spring At Aso, Japan

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Andrei Tarkovsky


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