Robert Mapplethorpe's 'Waves', 1980.

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"No amount of anxiety makes any difference to anything that is going to happen."

- Alan Watts - How To Melt Anxiety. (via blackened—lungs)

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Lynd ward woodcut

"When music affects us to tears, seemingly causeless, we weep not… from excess of pleasure; but through excess of an impatient, petulant sorrow that, as mere mortals, we are as yet in no condition to banquet upon those supernal ecstasies of which the music affords us merely a suggestive and indefinite glimpse."

- Edgar Allen Poe

"She wouldn’t say what we both knew. “The reason you will not say it is, when you say it, even to yourself, you will know it is true: is that it? But you know it is true now. I can almost tell you the day when you knew it is true. Why won’t you say it, even to yourself?”"

- William Faulkner, from As I Lay Dying (via c-ovet)

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