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Miroir Noir

Petits Marriages

"Petits Marriages" is an extension of "Propter Nuptias" series. They all are very small canvases that were sent repeatedly between Barcelona and Bratislava in a seemingly eternal ping-pong through the snail post. It was a way to construct collaborative paintings from afar, kind of ultimate mail art mixed with cadravre exquis.


We see, we feel, we need, we fight, we steal, we cut, we seek, we love, we grow, we take, we leap, we break, we hunt, we hurt, we seize, we kneel, we heal, we fuck, we pray, we hate, we reach, we touch, we lose, we taste, we learn, we lie, we wound, we waste, we hold, we kill, we love, we veil, we crawl, we seek, we fail, we rage, we fuck, we cum, we love, we work, we search, we share, we wound, we keep, we blind, we take, we hide, we hold, we breathe, we steal, we bind, we build, we seek, we fuck, we rage, we weep, we betray, we serve, we regret, we learn, with tooth and claw, we touch, we teach, we fuck, we love, we forget, we regret, we love, we love, we love, we love, we fuck, we love, we love, we fuck, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love.


Print made by Albrecht Dürer 

[German Northern Renaissance Painter and Engraver, 1471-1528]
1515 (circa)
‘This mysterious group of figures stands out in Dürer’s work. The neutral title given here was first used by Bartsch in 1808, but the print has also been entitled ‘The Dismayed Husband’ (Hüsgen, 1798) ‘The Bath’ (Heller, 1827) and ‘The Desperate Man’ (von Retberg, 1871). Panofsky interpreted the print in terms of Dürer’s continuing interest in the types of melancholy to affect the human condition which so preoccupied medical men of the day; with for example, the man in the centre, who apparently tears his hair, signifying choleric melancholy, the sleeping figure representing phlegmatic melancholy and the pleasure-seeking satyr representing sanguine melancholy.

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Bones of All Men. Copy of Holbein’s Great Dance of Death made by Birckmann’s heirs. This exemplar is in Latin from 1555.

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Erebus Enthroned - Temple Under Hell (2014)

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Islands by Brendan Monroe

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M L K, 2011

Tempera, blood, charcoal and graphite on prepared paper, 50 x 50 cm


Goat Grape Crusher, the first study, 2013

(the second study)

Ink, wine, acrylics and watercolour on tinted paper, 29.5 x 8.4 cm


Composition study for the Diomedes / Mares of Thrace mural, 2013

Ink on paper, 29 x 12.5 cm


The Garden (after James McNeill Whistler), 2014

Ink on paper, 29.5 x 23.5 cm 


Triton Motif I, 2014

Acrylics on prepared paper, 28.7 x 23.5 cm

Denis Forkas – Spirits of the Mirror


M Grace Jewelry

Wish the folks I cared about were happier.